just the basics: Princess Mitsu

Princess Mitsu Luscious Leader of the Rambunctious Rebels Released in 1993 So, something tells me that this figure is somewhat misleading to the customer/collector. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember Mitsu being a leader to a band of Rebels, much less a full-blown princess. True, Mitsu was part of a band of rebellious […]

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Gillette: What’s in an ad?

A few days ago Gillette released a commercial that asked men to basically understand that their behavior has repercussions. The commercial in question is a short film called We Believe: The Best Men Can Be. During the commercial, there are several mentions of the MeToo movement and sexual harassment. There are several images of men […]

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just the basics: Warlord

Warlord The Devious and Demented Daimyo Released in 1993 Lord Norinaga is after his son for shaming their family name. When he finds him, who knows what he’ll do. Now, that’s my sin on what this character was like in the third Turtles film. He wasn’t necessarily evil just a guy out to do a […]

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