Thor: Ragnarok betrayed Thor…spoilers

So I saw Thor: Ragnarok this past weekend and I was massively disappointed with the film, and as the days have passed, I found myself thinking more and more about how much I did not like the film. In fact, I think that Thor 3 is the worst Marvel film to date. I liked the Mandarin twist, I was relieved that Edgar Wright didn’t direct Ant-Man, I didn’t bother me that Tony Stark has almost zero character development over the eight Marvel films that he’s appeared in, and I don’t mind that Spider-Man was only introduced into the MCU because of boardroom deals that makes Marvel Studios look like EA.

But Thor: Ragnarok broke my heart because it shows how much Marvel doesn’t care about the character of Thor, or the people that worked on the previous Thor films (or the Avengers films, for that matter).

Disclaimer: I am not here to say f@&k this director, or f@&k that actor. I feel no need to personally attack people that I don’t know from the relative safety of behind my keyboard.   This article is strictly about the character of Thor being thrown into a garbage disposal.


Thor doesn’t need his hammer.

So, if you’ve seen the trailer, you know that Thor has his hammer destroyed by his sister Hela. But did you know that his hammer was never the source of his power, merely a way of channeling his power? Yeah, neither did I. Thor has been in six Marvel to date and not once is it mentioned that he has the godly power of thunder within him, just that he’s worthy of wielding it via his magic hammer, Mjolnir.  Around an hour and a half into the film, Thor has a talk with his now dead (I said spoilers) father Odin and Thor laments that he has no power to stop his sister Hela from destroying whatever it is she wants to destroy…end of the world yada-yada-yada…I don’t care. Odin asks his son a simple question:

“Are you the god of hammers, or the god of thunder?”

Admittedly, that’s an awesome line of dialogue, but it kind of ignores the fact that there was a film made in 2011 called “Thor” about how the title character has to become worthy to wield his hammer again. In the film, Odin literally strips Thor of his powers by taking the hammer from him. Maybe it was some kind of reverse placebo. The point is, Thor not needing his hammer to tap into his powers, completely retcons the previous films that Thor’s appeared in. At best it destroys the character development of a founding member of the Avengers. At worst, it gives the first two Thor films the middle finger.


Thor is a comedian now.

So I get that Chris Hemsworth(Thor) is a comedic actor. He’s a funny guy, or at least he can act like he’s a funny guy. He was arguably the best part of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, and those Thor viral videos of what he was doing during Captain America: Civil War were hilarious. That being said, the character of Thor is not a comedian. He’s a stoic protector of the Asgardian people. He’s the god of thunder, a founding member of the Avengers. He’s not a bumbling meathead who calls out his new friends as the “Revengers” and talks about the size of the Hulk’s member as they travel up the devil’s anus. From what I have read/seen, Chris Hemsworth felt exhausted (I’m paraphrasing) in the role as he didn’t like playing a stoic guy, and I understand feeling trapped by a job and the creators and bosses above you. But, he has played a character a certain way for six films now, and in the five films before Ragnarok, Thor didn’t act like a moron, but the audience is expected to believe that somehow, Thor has become the new Star-Lord for 2017.

I’m sorry but this film fails partially because they flat out ignore the template that five previous films set for the character. Now, it’s my belief that Chris Hemsworth has no real say in how Thor is going to be portrayed. He’s Not Robert Downey Jr. He’s not going to be able to demand how his character is seen by the masses. I think that he was told that this was going to be the last Thor movie so just do whatever you want because Marvel has a director that they can control who came cheap. I think that Marvel/Disney just wanted to push out another Thor film out so they could get to Infinity War. You know, the movie that EVERYONE wants to see. This is the thing, Thor isn’t the character that we’ve grown to care about in this film; he’s just a kid wearing his father’s clothes.


The people behind Thor didn’t care about the film.

Now this is just my opinion here but it seems that this film was a film made by committee in a last ditch effort to make Thor relevant.  Back in 2014 when Marvel Studios announced their plans for phase three of their films Thor: Ragnarok was described as a film about the end of all things. But in an interview with Q on CBC, director Taika Waititi talked about how there was no story for the film when he got the job. All he knew was that Hulk had to be in the film. So based on that, Marvel Studios seemed more concerned with telling a Hulk story than a Thor story, possibly due to fan demand for a Planet Hulk film. But when studios  start to make films because of fan demand, you get Spider-Man 3. But what do I know? I’m not a filmmaker . I’m not saying I know how to make a Thor film better than the one I saw, but I can tell you that a good start would’ve been to respect the previous two films before making a what looked like a crayon factory threw up on the screen.

We all knew that this film wasn’t going to fail; it’s got a Marvel Studios logo above the title. There’s not a troll on the internet that won’t bend over for that. But here’s the thing, what happens in Avengers: Infinity War and Thor isn’t the stoic leader the Avengers have known for years, but the dopey ass-hat that he is now? Will he be the Avenger from Age of Ultron, or the imposter that’s in Ragnarok? It doesn’t matter, because obviously, continuity is not a factor in the storylines anymore.

You may not believe me, but from the moment I saw the first teaser trailer for Thor 3, I had this overwhelming feeling of dread for this film. I knew that something was off. I knew that I wanted to like it, and I knew that I was going to give it a fair shot. I went in with zero expectation and I was let down hard.

But (again) what do I know? This film has made four hundred and thirty nine million dollars so far, and me, well, I’m just a blogger.


Oh, and by the way, The Warriors Three get the crap murdered out of them before they can utter a single line of dialogue.


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