Injustice 2: Top Five DLC Character Hopefuls (I wrote this back in January and I was completely wrong…enjoy)

*author’s note: since yesterday…everything has changed. I was honestly exhausted with playing Injustice 2. It seems like a game that is too dependent upon making you grind for levels. That being said, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (!) were announced for the upcoming Fighter Pack 3. So while we wait for the February release of the heroes in a half shell, please enjoy this list I made up earlier in the year (on my old blog) for the top five guest characters I was hoping would show up in Injustice 2.

So as of yesterday, the released date for Injustice 2, the upcoming sequel to the surprising DC comics fighting game of 2013, was announced. On May 6th of 2017, we will finally get to play the sequel to one of the most entertaining, and darkest superhero games out there. I’ll be honest; it’s been a hot minute since I’ve played Injustice: Gods Among Us, so I don’t really remember the entirety of the story, outside of the basics. After the death of Lois Lane, Superman goes crazy and becomes a world dictator. Batman (of course) leads a band of rebels against Supes and enlists the help of the Justice League from a parallel Earth. But no one cares about that. Even if you did, you lost interest in the story the moment you noticed how intricate and fun the fighting mechanics are. But then, DLC characters happened and an already robust character roster was increased by five new characters. Now seeing as how the sequels is just four months away, and everyone has been talking about DLC “guest” characters since the first announcement trailer, I thought I would give my list of guest characters that I hope make it to the final game.


5) Spawn

fierce_spawn_w1.0.0So, the fan community is pretty set on their desire to see this 90’s-era, walking Hot Topic in the game. While I grew up loving the Spawn comics, toys and the movie (you know you love that movie too), I haven’t really been interested in Spawn comics since I was a teenager. Perhaps it has to do with getting older, but Spawn just doesn’t grab me anymore, which is why I think it’s time for a revival. Sawn, as a character, had a huge impact on the comic industry, and deserves respect, as well as a spot on this roster. Given that he’s an adept fighter, and powered by Hell magic, he could really wreck shop on evil Superman and company. Plus, how awesome would it be to hear Michael Jai-White voice the character after so long; or perhaps Keith David? Either way, Spawn would be a welcome addition to the cast with a nice mix of projectile-based fighting, mixed with some BA martial arts techniques.

4) Rorschach

watchmen105I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to put Rorschach on this list because, I think he would play too much like Batman or Nightwing. This guy is very, very basic in terms of his fighting style. Part of Rorschach’s charm is that he doesn’t use gadgets or a utility belt to fight crime. Rorschach, despite his psychosis, is a prime example of what someone can accomplish with a can-do attitude, and a flurry of knuckle-sandwiches. Personally, I was going to put Silk Spectre on this list but, she’s not that interesting of a character, and within the Watchmen comic, she barely throws a single punch. I wanted to see Nite Owl 2, Daniel Dreiberg , on this list, but he would just be another Batman-type character, only with less Batman. Rorschach, despite not being as interesting to me as  Nite Owl, is the only character from the Watchmen comic series that is different enough from pretty much any hero out there to warrant a spot on this list.

3) Isaac Clarke

February 7th, 2010 @ 00:34:11Okay, even I’ll admit that this is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out; Isaac fucking rocks. While not necessarily a fighter, Isaac Clarke is definitely a prime example of brains over brawn. A mechanical engineer who spends his days slicing up alien Necromorphs would be a welcome addition to the roster who could play somewhat similarly to Cyborg from the first Injustice. Just think of the damage Isaac could cause by blasting back an opponent with his customized plasma cutter, knocking them down with a few shots from a pulse rifle and then bringing down that big boot of doom on a downed fighter.  On top of that, in terms of character design, Isaac Clarke would be a breath of fresh air, seeing as how his look is very machine-like, yet gothic in its inspiration and incredibly different that pretty much every character that has been revealed in Injustice 2 so far.  Now, will Isaac Clarke ever be a part of this roster…no, and we all know that. EA doesn’t even want a Dead Space 4 so, seeing him in a fighting game by a completely different developer and publisher is nothing more than a pipe dream for me; but a pipe dream worth considering, in my opinion.

2) Marv

marv_cutsWhile the quality of the Sin City comics is debatable, we can all pretty much agree that Marv was the standout character within that series, and continues to be to this day thanks in no small part to Mickey Rourke’s performance in the Sin City films. While Marv is little more than a glorified barroom brawler, he would be a tank-like character that fighting games call for and a game like Injustice 2 will need. You could have all the powers in the world at your disposal, but if you can’t take a punch, you won’t last very long out there. Marv is also more than an iron jaw and a flat face. He’s actually quite a skilled fighter, while only relying on his two fists and the basics of his surroundings, this guy could make the most use of the environmental interactions that were (arguably) the selling point of the first Injustice game. While comparisons between Marv and Solomon Grundy from the last game would be inevitable, Marv would win out this argument based purely on his personality. Marv, while not an outright funny character, is so no-nonsense that he would probably see the hilarity of the superheroes around him and wonder just how exactly he is beating the shit out of them, giving the series a sense of levity that it honestly needs.


Honorable Mentions:

The Mask/ Big Head

uEMKkuYSpeaking of funny characters, how about a guy who truly doesn’t give a shit about circumstances that he’s in? The Mask, as a character wouldn’t fit within the world of Injustice, but sacrificing character development for the sake of fun gameplay is nothing new to the gaming world. But having a character that is powered with the arsenal of your average episode of Merrie Melodies (look it up), as well as a serious lack of empathy for their fellow man, would add up to a character that is a blast to play, as well as smack in the face of the dark and moody atmosphere that the Injustice games have set up for themselves.

Cassie Cage

Cassie-cage-mkx-artworkWell, we all kind of know that a Mortal Kombat character is going to make it into this game at some point. The last Injustice game featured Scorpion, and the sequel is most likely going to feature Sub-Zero. But, for my money, it should be Cassie Cage. Introduced in MKX, she is arguably the main character of that game, and the one with the most personality, again, arguably. With a pretty good mix of strength and speed, she could run circles around most of the “human” roster of superheroes, and her weaponry could give her the edge against the powered characters within Injustice 2. Also, it should be said that Mortal Kombat X was the first MK game that a lot of people played, so seeing a familiar face could also help selling a few more copies in this newer franchise.


1)  The Shredder

maxresdefaultThe inclusion of Oroku Saki would be a welcome addition to this game. In a game that seems to be selling the idea of heroes fighting (mostly) heroes, seeing a straight up villain take charge of the situation would add a fresh perspective to this series. Sure, there are plenty of villains in both games, but you know what’s going to happen when you see them. Batman will knock out the Joker. Green Lantern will overpower Sinestro.  But with the inclusion of the Shredder, you have no idea what he’s going to do. This is a guy who could take down Batman or Deathstroke without batting an eye, and you know that he wouldn’t take shit from someone like the Joker or Bane. In the TMNT universe, there are more powerful characters, but there is no one more feared than the Shredder, and it’s because he has no equal in combat, and no problem taking a life if he has to. Seeing that type of cutthroat mentality in this series is something that is needed. The “villains” of Injustice: Gods Among Us seem to be villains because they had to be. Seeing a character with no inhibitions about being a bad guy, sounds like something we need in this series. And Shredder is the villain we deserve.


*second author’s note: everyone’s salty over the inclusion of the TMNT in Injustice 2 because no one  guessed they would be there in the first place. Stop being petty nerds.

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