five questions with Jay Bartlett

This week, I sit down with video game collector and all-around nice guy Jay Bartlett.


What is the appeal of Nintendo games and what keeps you coming back to them?

Jay Bartlett: For the most part quality and challenge. NES games don’t hold your hand, you either do it or you don’t and you learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the game.


Watching Nintendo Quest, you were deadest on completing your collection. How did it feel owning every officially licensed Nintendo game in the months after having them all? Any buyer’s remorse?

JB: Yes I was. I knew when Rob came to me with the Quest I was going to finish it one way or another.

It feels great and I’m proud of what I accomplished and what we created. Buyer’s remorse? No. I might have done a few things different if I had to do it again but no remorse.


Any love for the Sega Genesis?

JB: I love all video games and always have collected for all game platforms. The Genesis is a personal favorite


It seems that you’re a bit of a Star Wars fan. How has your view of the series changed as you’ve grown older?

JB: I love Star Wars and it’s a true passion in my life. My views haven’t changed over the years. There is good Star Wars and bad Star Wars I’m a fan and I can expect not everything is going to be as I’ve envisioned it and that’s ok. The fans are getting more extreme and that is a little off putting but ultimately doesn’t affect my enjoyment. It’s really simple, if all you like is Episodes 4, 5, and 6, that’s fine, but move on and let the rest of us enjoy the new films. Open your mind a little


If there is ever a sequel to Nintendo Quest, what are you looking to collect? SNES games, Sega, Famicom?

JB: I don’t think there is a system on par with the NES, it wouldn’t have the same impact in my opinion. I’ve always loved the mid 90’s CD based systems like the 3DO and the CD-I. That era was just so interesting to me you had so many systems and so many add-ons. Maybe 3DO Quest?

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