just the basics: King Lionheart

King Lionheart

The Majestic Mutant with a Mane

Released in 1992


I didn’t know that the Ninja Turtles were hiding a Dark Souls boss in their ranks.

King Lionheart is the story of a Shakespearean stage actor that was mutated by Shredder in the hopes of creating a leader for his ever-growing mutant army. Apparently Shredder didn’t spend much time researching who he was going to mutate because King Lionheart took his namesake to heart and decided to protect us commoners from the evil plights of Shredder and Krang.

Having no media appearances outside of his own figure, it’s kind of hard to elaborate on who Lionheart was; which, to me, is part of the fun. You can kind of put your own spin on who he is.

The figure itself is a great display regal, almost ornate looking armor and weaponry. Sure, this guy is basically just blue, orange and gold, but just like Merdude, he makes it work. The fur on Lionheart’s head sculpt is groomed to look like someone has slicked their hair straight back, while his “beard” is properly brushed and put together.

Lionheart’s armor is blue scale mail armor that seems to be a hodgepodge of both armor and cloth under armor pieces at the joints in the arm. Also, he is another victim of the style of figure Playmates was putting out, where the limbs couldn’t be uniform. Both arms are covered by a different style of armor, and while one of his legs is covered in the same scale mail you see on his right arm, his right leg is almost completely bare, save the vibrant orange fur and a gold knee pad. While this doesn’t take anything away from the figure as a whole, I am a fan of uniformity. If you’re going to have an armored figure, go all in and cover him in armor. Unless you’re going to make a “Battle-Damaged King Lionheart” figure, why tear away the armor?

With all of that being said, King Lionheart is a great figure that found a way to stand out from the pack thanks to his unique design, simplistic and historically “accurate” weaponry (sword, shield, and scepter) and the fact that he is a flippin’ lion. Who doesn’t love a lion?


Turtle Trivia: Yeah, there is not much about this figure that I haven’t mentioned already. But his cape is non-removable, so there’s something.

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