just the basics: Monty Moose

Monty Moose

The One Who Always Gets His Mutant

Released in 1992



Step back Hosers, the Turtles have got Canada covered!

One day, up in the great white North, a small moose drank from a river of Mutagen that had spilled after the Shredder and his minions had swept through the mountainous terrain for unknown reasons. This moose, smaller than the others in the forest, drank from the large pool of green ooze with gusto, not realizing until it was too late that it wasn’t the water he had been searching for.

Overnight, the small moose began to mutate into a massive humanoid form. He was recovered the next day by the Royal Mounted Police. He was named Monty and raised as one of their own. Upon learning his true origin, Monty took it upon himself, and his police training, to take the fight to Shredder to ensure that no other innocent animals were ever mutated against their will again.

Okay, so I may have dramatized Monty’s backstory a bit, but I swear, I only did so because no one has ever referenced this character outside of his action figure. Noticing a trend here?

Moose are known for being massive animals that really don’t get intimidated by anything unless you’re a bigger moose or a bear of some sort. While Monty might not be the tallest figure in the toy line, he sure is one of the broadest. Looking at this guy, you get a sense of power from him that you don’t get as much of from the other figures. Perhaps it’s from his Mounty uniform that barely contains his frame, or his bared teeth and wicked antlers that are almost the same width of his shoulders. Or perhaps it’s his stance that always makes him look like he’s constantly charging forward as if nothing can stop him. Whatever it is, seeing the good guys get a tank is a nice change of pace as they always seem to be out “gunned”.

I also have to acknowledge that this figure’s paint job is both a strength and weakness here as there are multiple tears in his uniform where you can see fur popping through. Most of this is painted a dull brown color, but in certain areas, mostly the back where you can’t see, the tears are painted in the same red as his uniform top. I’m willing to give this a pass as it was common practice in most of these figures in the line, and if you’re not really looking for it, you won’t notice it. I have to say that there are really only two real problems with this figure and one is more obvious than the other.

My biggest problem is with the sculpt of Monty’s hands and how they relate to his weaponry. See, Monty isn’t given crazy weapons made from junk found in the sewer or a nearby landfill. No, this guy comes equipped with six-shooter, saber and he wears a pistol belt that can actually sheath his sword. But when it comes to actually holding his pistol, in my opinion, one of his hands should have a flexed trigger finger to keep Monty from looking like an action figure holding a plastic gun. I understand the ridiculousness of my last sentence, but it just looks…weird when he’s holding a weapon in his hand Maybe it has to do with the vibrant yellow paint on his gloves but, you can’t win them all I guess. While the pain job is incredible on this figure (dude’s eyes are on point!), I have to say that I am a bit bummed on the rushed job they did on Monty’s antlers. Maybe it’s just mine, but it seems like he could’ve used another coat on his way out of the assembly line.

With all of that being said, I really love this figure. He exudes strength and power with an animal that we don’t see much of outside of trophy photos from you’re uncles hunting trips, all while reminding you that the Mounted Police are no joke. Go Maple Leaves.




Turtle Trivia: Nothing much, but did you know that the Canadian Mounties no longer patrol on horseback? What a shame.


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