just the basics: Whit


The Turtle Tossin’ Double Crossin’ Spy

Released in 1993


I’m going to be honest here, I had no idea this figure existed until earlier this year (2018).  It’s not like he had a release along with the Movie 3 action figures…even though he was a part of that line. Whit was actually a pack-in figure that came with a “vehicle” called the Movie 3 Turtlepult, much like a couple of other pack-in figures that we’ll get to later. While this figure isn’t the rarest one in the toy line, finding hind complete, with the catapult or not, is a bit of a feat that I just couldn’t accomplish.

What is great about this figure is that his cinematic counterpart is heavily implied to be an ancestor to everyone’s favorite hockey masked vigilante, Casey Jones, as they are portrayed by the same actor in the film; Elias Koteas.  Whit’s figure is something of an oddball to me, as he is given the same sculpt as the Casey Jones figure (with the same torn up hoodie, only colored white) but the legs, arms and head all fit in with the attire worn by Whit in the film.


Plus, he also has an actual cloth vest that is held together by a belt, but sadly, I don’t have this as the only option available to me when purchasing this figure came with no vest or accessories, which is a damn shame. While I can live without the vest, Whit also comes with a hockey mask and a cap that fits over his head that looks like long hair, emulating Elias’ likeness in the film. Again, it’s a shame that I don’t have this because Whit’s head sculpt is smaller than most of the figures in the line as he’s supposed be able to essentially wear a helmet. But, in all honesty, I can look past all of this because I really do like the character of Whit, seeing as how he’s a spy for the Walker’s crew and he has a change of heart near the films climax that is slightly undersold, probably due to either script oversight time constraints. But it is really cool that Wit received a figure at all really. Taking an unbiased look at the film will show you that he could’ve been taken out of the film altogether and nothing really would’ve been changed too much. But the fact that he came with a catapult is a nice detail that is more than just a cash-grab on Playmates’ part, seeing as how Whit actually uses a catapult to take out the villainous Walker saving the Turtles in the process…spoilers.

Plus, Whit has an awesome beard that isn’t long and disgusting looking like most guys wear them today. Not bad for being the only truly average Joe type of figure outside of Vernon. 


Turtle Trivia: Actor Elias Koteas has over eighty credits to his name between film and television. He’s been “that guy” in films for virtually my whole life. Plus, watch Defendor, he’s awesome in it.


*Author’s note: I went ahead and bought a Whit figure that had all the accessories and the catapult. Probably just for bragging rights.


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