TMNT/Batman figures from Diamond Select coming soon?

Inspired by the runaway success of the Batman/TMNT crossover comics from IDW Publishing and DC Comics, Diamond Select Toys is headed to the 2019 San Diego Comic Con with an exclusive Michelangelo action figure.

This awesome looking piece from Diamond Select will (for now) be a SDCC exclusive limited to just ten thousand pieces.


More information can be found on the official SDCC blog as well as toy sites like Toyark, but here’s what you need to know: The figure will come with three sets of alternate hands and a manhole cover painted up like a pepperoni pizza. He is also seemingly equipped with a cloth cape while having Batman’s cowl as a part of his head sculpt. While I’m not much for cloth accessories on action figures, I can’t help but be intrigued by this one.

No word yet if Diamond Select plans on releasing the other three Turtles, or if this Michelangelo is merely a one-off release, and there is also no news if this figure will be released at a later date for the general public that can’t go to comic con. Either way, this is a fun looking figure that I honestly never expected to see.

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