Shredder teased for Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner and teases and leaks are lighting up your friendly neighborhood internet search bar. The latest sneak peek comes from Nickelodeon and their set-up for the latest figures to come from the line of action figures from the hit show, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The latest figure to be added to the line will be none other than the flagship Turtles villain Shredder. Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t exactly kept current with the most recent animated series to feature everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell, but what I have seen is very funny, lively and frenetic. This reveal of the Shredder action figure from Playmates Toys is the first I have seen of what the Shredder will look like in the series.


While I do think he is more mecha-dinosaur man than armored ninja, this really fits in with the style of the rest of the line and with that in mind, I really like what Playmates is going for here. While there is no pre-order information right now, as this is (supposedly) a Comic Con exclusive figure, this new Shredder figure will retail for $30.00.

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