River City Ransom getting a sequel in September

Fans of the iconic brawler, River City Ransom, will have plenty of reason to get friggin excited because it was just confirmed three days ago (July 4th) that the long running and much loved series will be getting a sequel on September 5th, from WayForward.


River City Girls, from the developers of Double Dragon Neon, will shift focus to series newcomers, Kyoko and Misako, as the fight their way through six different regions in a desperate attempt to rescue their recently kidnapped boyfriends, series mainstays Kunio and Riki.


Don’t let the cute and bright presentation fool you, this looks to be an intense brawler with the same depth that will rival that of the original River City Ransom/Kunio-Kun series, with several ways of upgrading your character from weapons to various types of food and gear. The combat system has also been overseen by fighting game developer Arc Systems Works (Double Dragon and Guilty Gear series developers), and will see a heavy focus on combos and throws while also picking up virtually anything you can carry to use as a weapon.


While River City Girls will be released digitally across all platforms on September 5th, there will also be a limited physical release, but no actual release date has been given.


For more info, check out the full preview on WayForward’s website, or check the video below.



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