New killer coming to Dead by Daylight in December (Spirit theory)

A few days ago, the developer behind Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive, released this image over various social media platforms…


To say that fans of the game were mystified is a bit of an understatement. Most people fell under the assumption that this was a preview of the upcoming Spirit nerf that the developers have proudly touted as something that’s in development. But then, another image started to make the rounds from fans…


Notice anything? Above that mask mounted on the wall, is three swords. The middle slot was always vacant as that sword is wielded by the killer known as the Spirit. Now it would seem, the bottom slot that held a large katana blade is now vacant. Many people seem to believe that this sword will be wielded by a new killer coming to the game this December. Many beleive that this blade will be used by Mr. Yamaoka, the Spirit’s father.

But I think there is more to this, hear me out.

Before she was called the Spirit, this tragic killer was merely a college student named Rin Yamaoka. Rin went to a very expensive school, and while she was focusing on her studies, her mother became ill and soon, medical bills and student loans began to pile up. This weighed heavily on Mr. Yamaoka, Rin’s father. He begins to lose sleep, he loses focus while at work and shortly after asking his boss for a raise, he loses his job. His honor fractured, Mr. Yamaoka does the only thing he can do…he takes his family katana blade to his wife and daughter for dishonoring his family.

Long story short, Mr. Yamaoka was being twisted by the Entity, the dark God in control of all things DbD. While it was looking to make a new killer out of Yamaoka, the Entity was taken by surprise by the sudden rage, hatred and anger felt by Rin at her father’s betrayal. Seeking to forge a new killer, the Entity saw more use from rage and despair and tossed Rin’s father aside and offered her revenge in exchange for service. Thus, the Spirit was born.

Here’s where my theory comes into play. With the katana blade missing, many are assuming that Rin’s father will be the next killer, and he very well may be. But it wouldn’t make sense for Rin to be offered revenge, only for her father to become a killer alongside her. So I’m thinking that we could have two possible killers coming in the December update. First, the new killer could possibly Rin’s mother, the first victim of Mr. Yamaoka’s disgrace. A new trailer for the upcoming update shows blood being absorbed into an Oni mask and incense streaming fire as if life has returned to them. It would make sense as the Spirit and (Potentially) her mother would closely resemble an Onryo from Japanese mythology.

The other possibility is that we could be seeing the return of the one the originally wielded Mr. Yamaoka’s sword. It’s my theory that the sword used to kill Rin and her mother is an ancestral blade that has been passed down through many generations. I think that the first man in the Yamaoka clan is furious that his descendant could bring so much shame to their family. So as is always the case, the Entity reached out and a deal was struck; and now our new killer will be a friggin Oni bent on revenge against Mr Yamaoka.

And Mr. Yamaoka will be sent to the realm of the Entity as punishment for his disgrace as well as the revenge that was promised to the Spirit.

I’m probably way off here but, I’m excited that there will be more to the Spirit being revealed to us in a roundabout way. Let me know what you think.

update: Never mind, I was wrong fml.

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