who are the best fifth Turtles?

So something of a bombshell has rocked the Turtle fan community with the reveal in issue 95 of the ongoing comic book from IDW that Jennika, everyone’s favorite assassin turned caretaker has been mutated into a turtle. Surprisingly, this reveal has been accepted much more openly than I was expecting. While there is the occasional […]

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Military Life: After the Army

You know, I was going to write about basic training and how hard it is, but the reality is is that it really isn’t hard. Sure, it sucks all the push ups and running. People yelling at you isn’t the greatest feeling the world, but that’s really all it is. You get yelled at, you […]

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Shredder teased for Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner and teases and leaks are lighting up your friendly neighborhood internet search bar. The latest sneak peek comes from Nickelodeon and their set-up for the latest figures to come from the line of action figures from the hit show, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. […]

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