Real talk

I was going to talk about the fact that actress Brie Larson clarified her comments made to Marie Claire UK. I won’t go into it, but I will provide a link to the article and the new interview in question with Kevin McCarthy of Fox News 5 below.   You may have noticed that Kevin […]

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not so Marvelous

There is a huge blow up in the MCU fandom right now over comments from Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. In an interview with Marie Claire UK (February 7th), Ms. Larson is interviewed by journalist Keah Brown, a journalist that seems more concerned with her readers knowing that she has cerebral palsy. The interview in […]

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Captain Marvel gets a new trailer

Okay, so full disclosure, I’m not particularly excited about Captain Marvel. I don’t think this is the movie’s fault, and I don’t blame the directors, or even the star, Brie Larson. This film, which I’m sure will be just fine, has the terrible and fortunate luck of being known as the film that comes out […]

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