Politics is bullshit

You know what, to be honest with you, I don’t know where I lie in terms of politics any more. I’ve never really felt the need to adhere to one political side over the other. Republican or democrat, conservative over liberal, I have never needed to feel like I belonged to one or the other. […]

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He’s back!

Deadline has reported today that director and writer James Gunn will return to the directors chair of Guardians of the Galaxy 3…after he has directed Suicide Squad 2 for DC Films and Warner Bros.. Last year, just weeks after the theatrical release of Avengers Infinity War, Disney and Marvel Studios had parted ways with Gunn […]

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this is not about the X-Men

So I understand that this post may irk people the wrong way. I get that so many people believe that the Disney/Fox merger, which was finalized in July of this year, is kind of a big deal. This deal went down in a hotel (as so many of them do) in Manhattan where Disney purchased […]

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