Military Life: After the Army

You know, I was going to write about basic training and how hard it is, but the reality is is that it really isn’t hard. Sure, it sucks all the push ups and running. People yelling at you isn’t the greatest feeling the world, but that’s really all it is. You get yelled at, you […]

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Military Life: Tired

This series of posts is meant to give you guys my experiences within and outside of the military. While I still haven’t mentioned basic training (it’s coming, I promise), there is one thing that I just can’t explain to you…being tired. Ever since I got out of the Army, I have had less and less […]

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Military Life: Killing

So this may be kind of a touchy subject for many people reading this or at least skimming the headline and judging too quickly. I can’t speak for every branch of the military, and I really couldn’t tell what some drill sergeant is going to saw to a new private entering basic training nowadays, but […]

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Military Life: Relationships

I think it’s hilarious the amount of attention is paid to the subject of people finding each other while enlisted. It’s a joke to watch a military movie and see some no-name actor playing G.I.JOE right before he enters a massive firefight. As soon as some (usually) skinny, bespectacled young man pulls out a picture […]

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